PPM, PPA Northeast District

"Awaiting the Awakening"

Highest Scoring Print,

CPP Award 

LexJet Award

1st Place, GIA Northeast District Illustrative Category

PPA Loan Collection,  "Awaiting the Awakening"

PPA Loan Collection,  "The Unraveling"



PPA Silver Medalist

Loan Collection "The Ties That Bind" 

General Collection "Spilled Lies"

General Collection "Twilight Tide"

General Collection "Call Me...Maybe"

Loan Collection "Solo Performance" 


Top Seven Master Photographer 


PPA Gold Medalist

Loan Collection " Graceful Frailty"

Loan Collection "Nestled"

General Collection "Welcome to the Machine"

General Collection " Igor, I think I've done it!"


PPM Award of Excellence (Second overall case total)

Illustrative Court Of Honor "Graceful Frailty"

Illustrative Court Of Honor "Welcome to the Machine"

Best Black and White " Graceful Frailty"

Four for Four Award


PPA Northeast Districts 

2nd Place Children's Category "Nestled"

Blue Ribbon "Graceful Frailty"

Blue Ribbon "Welcome to the Machine"

Blue Ribbon Children's Category "Nestled"




received Master of Photography Degree from Professional Photographers of America 

PPM Top Seven Master Photographer of the Year
PPM Court of Honor, Wedding "Something Old, Something New"
PPM Court of Honor, Portrait "Held by my Demons"
PPM Court of Honor, Illustrative " The Chair of St. Peter"
PPM "Four for Four" award

PPA Northeast Districts Lexjet Best Print in Exhibition Award,
"As Long As One Man Believes" 

PPA International Photographic Competition Gold Medalist

PPA General Collection "Steppin' Out"
PPA General Collection "Almost Broken"
PPA Loan Collection "Something Old, Something New"
PPA Loan Collection "As Long As One Man Believes"

PPA Grand Imaging Awards Top Ten Wedding Category
PPM Top 7 Photographer of the Year
PPA Loan Collection "Future Untold"
PPA General Collection "A Tough Curl"
PPA General Collection "Silent Repose"

Photo Northeast Out of State Court of Honor "Future Untold"

Image "Flawless Beauty" included in June edition of
Professional Photographer Magazine Folio section

Certified Professional Photographer

PPA International Photographic Competition Gold Medalist
Loan Collection, "Flawless Beauty" "From This Moment"
General Collection "Mystical Imagination", Junkyard Warrior" 

PPM Top 7 Photographer of the Year

PPM Best of Show, Wedding, "Flawless Beauty" 

Kodak Gallery Award "Flawless Beauty"

PPA NE District Top 10 Photographer

PPA Loan Collection "Angel Eyes"
PPA General Collection "Corroded Fallen Promises" ,
PPA General Collection "Paradox in Pride" 


DPPA  Blue Ribbon, "Corroded Fallen Promises"
DPPA Blue Ribbon,  "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines"